140 km

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Water Points:

  • Water Point 1 @ 44 km
  • Water Point 2 @ 63 km
  • Water Point 3 @ 114 km

Route Description:

9am Start at Sani Spoors Clubhouse at the Olde Duck Café.

The route must be loaded on GPS and followed accordingly. The route is very sparsely marked, and you will get lost if you do not have a pre-loaded GPS
The first 3 km is a neutral zone until you reach the gravel at the Bushman’s Nek turn off the R617. You will cross the crystal Mzimkulu River on this section. We encourage you to be very careful on all sections but particularly the tar sections. You will be cycling towards the Southern Drakensberg Mountains up a valley that leasd to the Bushman’s Nek Hotel. The Road offers beautiful views of sweeping valleys and steep foothills leading to the main Drakensberg escarpment, the border between SA and our land-locked neighbour Lesotho.
At WP1, approximately 44 km, there will be a short stint along and crossing the R617 road prior to climbing up the hill to drop into Coleford reserve. The crossing here is a compulsory stop and, while manned by experienced Marshalls and the Traffic Department, needs to be cautiously approached – especially after eating your fill at the Water Point.
From here you will continue through Coleford along towards Kilmun, with some lung busters and fast descents – be especially cautious here. WP 2 is set at the top of a particularly steep climb at 63 km along your route. This is your second to last WP on the 140 km so be sure to stock up. Not too long after departing the WP, you will get to a tar section that offers some fast descents. Be cautious here as the road has many turns that are pretty sharp.
Your next crossing will be at the R617 tar road. The crossing here is a compulsory stop and, while manned by experienced Marshalls and the Traffic Department, needs to be cautiously approached.
You will now proceed towards Himeville. You will therafter follow a most scenic road that winds its way towards Stoffelton and then back from Stepmore and Lower Lotheni area. At the Sani Crossroads in Himeville, you will travel along the Tar into Himeville past the Famous Himeville Arms and the beautiful Old Fort. Just outside Underberg, you will turn onto a 1km stretch of dirt before entering the R 617 towards the Finish.
From here extreme caution needs to exercised as you will be travelling along paved road through Underberg Town and down to Sani Spoors at the Olde Duck Café.


Route map for Underberg Gran Fondo 140 by Tim Whitfield
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Distance 135.583 km   Total Ascent/Descent 2533 m / 2533 m
Lowest Point 1380 m (at 74.97 km)   Highest Point 1807 m (at 63.09 km)
Uphill 60.21 km (44.4%)   Downhill 61.38 km (45.3%)
Flat 13.95 km (10.3%)   Height Gain 427 m
Steepest Uphill +18.9% (at 60.12 km)   Steepest Downhill -14.4% (at 64.62 km)
Longest Uphill 4.05 km (at 57.87 km)   Longest Downhill 3.51 km (at 47.16 km)
Ascent Rate 19 m/km   Descent Rate 19 m/km